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Parking at Dortmund Airport

Charges, services and important information

More than 5100 parking spaces in different price categories are available for parking at Dortmund Airport. It is important to us that you arrive at your gate relaxed – after all, your journey already begins on the way to the Airport. On this page, you will find all the information and services relating to parking at Dortmund Airport:

Inexpensive parking spaces

The lowest-priced parking is in car parks P3, P6 and P7. The car park shuttle bus will take you to the terminal. A fare is payable and the journey takes only a few minutes.

Parking directly at the terminal

The underground car park P1 is very close to the terminal and easy to park in. You enter the car park from the airport access road. It is next to the terminal. The departures and arrivals levels are only a short distance away.

Overview of the car parks and their availability

Parking Availability

  • P1 Total 1,100 Free 706
  • P2 Total 900 Free 497
  • P3 Total 140    
  • P4 Total 350 Free 257
  • P5 Total 800 Free 610
  • P6 Total 1,550 Free 1,028
  • P7 Total 350 Free 199

Parking Charges

I would like to park for .

  P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7

Parking hints and special information

Passengers with disabilities can park free of charge in the designated spaces in car parks P1 and P2. You must display a disabled badge with the code "aG" (severely disabled), "Bl" (blind), "H" (helpless) or "B" (constant assistance required).

Important: The free car park exit ticket will be issued at the information desk on the day of your return flight. You will need to show your flight ticket. Please be aware that we cannot reimburse you at a later date.

In car park P1 (arrivals level/level 0) there is a parking space for electric cars with a charging point provided by RWE eMOBILITY. When you use the RWE charging point, you have to pay the normal airport parking charges.

There are parking spaces for women on all levels of underground car park P1 (levels 0 to -2) next to the entrances to the terminal.

There are car park payment machines in the terminal (arrivals level/level 0), in car park P2 and at the stops for the car park shuttle bus. As you only have around 15 minutes to leave the car park after paying, we recommend using the payment machines in the car park where your car is parked.

The following types of payment are accepted:
Coins and notes, EC cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). The car parks are open for 24 hours a day.

You can only use the Kiss & Fly zone free of charge to pick up or drop off passengers. There is a charge of 1 euro every 10 minutes for parking in the zone.

Make the most of the weekend tariff in the underground car park P1 next to the terminal. You can park there on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. for a maximum of €5. More than 20 travel agencies open for part of the day on Sunday.

A shuttle bus runs every day between the car parks and the terminal. A fare is payable on the bus. A single ticket costs €2 (children up to the age of 6 travel free of charge).