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The Cargo Sevice range of services

Cargo dienstleistung

The Cargo Service at Dortmund Airport handles goods for transport by air – as easy as sending by post, with destinations all over the globe. The advantage for exporters and importers are obvious: short distances, saving time and money. Instead of driving further to large air freight hubs, clients leave their cargo in the capable hands of the Dortmund Airport Cargo Service, getting everything they need from a single source.

Working together with freight forwarders, more than 40 international airlines and the customs office, the freight experts at Dortmund Airport do all that's necessary to ensure fast, uncomplicated shipment of your cargo to its intended destination.

Air freight handling

Cargo luftfracht handling

The extensive range of services offered by the Dortmund Airport Cargo Service means that even small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this smooth-running import and export facility. It goes without saying that we provide tailored solutions for every requirement.

The range of services in the context of freight handling:

  • Freight handling of import and export shipments
  • Construction of ULDs (unit load devices) up to 16 tonnes, or 20 ft. units
  • Loading ULDs via our own truck dock
  • Repacking/neutralising
  • Handling dangerous goods, incl. DGR check according to IATA regulations
  • Charter handling

Air freight security checks

Cargo luftfracht sicherheitskontrolle

According to European Parliament regulations, only air cargo with the status "safe" may be shipped. The Dortmund Airport Cargo Service is approved as a "regulated agent" by the German Civil Aviation Authority (LAB) and uses state-of-the-art technology and specially trained staff to monitor items of freight and bring them into a secure supply chain.

Details of our security technology:

Heimann HI-SCAN 145180 2-is X-ray system

  • Dual view technology with 37 mm penetration (steel)
  • Maximum dimensions of inspected cargo items: 1.40 x 1.70 metres
    (width x height)
  • Universal X-ray system for pallet freight (according to TSA requirements)
  • HI-MAT Plus technology for improved material discrimination 

IONSCAN 500DT explosives and drugs detector

  • Simultaneous detection of explosives and drugs
  • Detection and identification of over 40 substances in 5 to 8 seconds
  • Satisfies the USA's special import standards

Dangerous goods packaging

Cargo gefahrgut verpackung

The Dortmund Airport Cargo Service also specialises in the packaging of dangerous goods in accordance with the "Dangerous Goods Regulations" of IATA.

Available services in relation to dangerous goods:

  • Packaging and marking dangerous goods of all classes as per IATA specifications
  • Compilation of "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods"
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Expert handling of dangerous goods and substances

Special care is required for the handling of dangerous goods and dangerous substances. Moreover, safety and security regulations for the transport of air freight are subject to continuous further development and tightening. Therefore, employees involved in the preparation of shipments and the handling or transport of dangerous goods must receive appropriate training.