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Flight Simulators

Training for pilots and flight students

At Dortmund Airport, various flight simulators from different suppliers are available, which can be booked for professional training purposes or just for trial flights.

Star Wings Dortmund Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH

Star wings simulator aussen

The charter company Star Wings operates a flight simulator of the type "Cessna Citation CJ3 Full Flight Simulator (Level D)" at Dortmund Airport. In this simulator, flight students and pilots can gather valuable experience for air traffic in almost real cockpit conditions. Hazardous situations and system failures, for example, can be simulated without danger, which would not be possible in the aircraft. 

In addition to type rating, a comprehensive training programme is offered:

  • Difference training
  • Recurrent training 
  • Right-hand seat training
  • TRI/TRE training
  • Collins 3000 FMS and ProLine 21 
  • training MCC training 
  • LPC/OPC check flights

Star Wings Dortmund Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH
Flugplatz 21
44319 Dortmund
Tel.: +49.231.92777-310

Flugausbildungszentrum Dortmund GmbH

The Flugausbildungszentrum Dortmund operates two state-of-the-art Redbird simulators, with which pilot trainees and pilots can complete realistic flying hours for training purposes.

The following training units are offered: 

  • Instrument flight (IFR) training
  • CVFR training Flying into bad weather
  • Engine failure/emergency landings
  • Recovery from abnormal flying attitudes
  • System failures
  • Visual flight navigation exercises
  • GARMIN1000 instruction
  • Crosswind landing training
  • Airport instruction

No previous knowledge or flying experience is necessary. Beginners and interested parties are just as welcome at the Flugausbildungszentrum Dortmund as professionals. Aviation novices initially receive instruction during which the most important instruments and functions are explained. As soon as the pilot is ready, the sightseeing flight can begin.

Flugausbildungszentrum Dortmund GmbH
Flugplatz 7-9
44319 Dortmund
Tel.: +49.231.9213-181