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Christmas markets draw in visitors with attractions

Dortmund and Bochum are just a stone’s throw from DTM.

With 300 and 200 market stalls respectively, the Christmas markets of Dortmund and Bochum are some of the most favourite Christmas markets in Germany. In the period of Advent, the Ruhrgebiet markets attract visitors with out of the ordinary attractions. 

Each year during Advent, around two million visitors from Germany and abroad visit Dortmund's Christmas market. Once again this year, the main attraction will be the large 45 metre Christmas tree, with around 48,000 lights and the four metre high angel on top. This year, for the first time, the largest Christmas tree will be put up opposite the main station and will be accompanied by the large advent calendar (12 metres high and 15 metres wide). On the stage that will be erected at 'Alter Markt', there will be a daily, varied series of shows. On the 8th of December, the popular WDR 4 'Christmas' show will feature international stars on its stage (on Hansaplatz). 

With crafts, Christmas decorations, out of the ordinary toys and much more besides that, the 300 stands will be offering almost everything that makes the heart beat just that bit faster during Advent. When it comes to culinary delicacies, the Dortmund Christmas market treats its visitors with hearty snacks such as Bratwurst and Westphalian barbequed ham as well as sweets such as roast almonds, pancakes and other delicious things.

The choice of stalls in Bochum, bordering the Westphalia's largest city, is just as big. In addition, Bochum's Christmas market features a spectacular high rope attraction. The fact that Santa on his sleigh is pulled through the sky by reindeers is something that children have heard of. At Bochum's Christmas market, they'll even be able to see the 'Flying Santa': Twice a day he'll be hovering over the Dr.-Ruer-Platz on a 125-meter-long track and he'll be telling a Christmas story on the way. Dramatists from Schauspielhaus Bochum have written and narrated the story. By the way, the daring Santa is otherwise known as Falko Traber and he comes from a famous family of artistes. He'll be offering a special stunt at the weekends, which in this form, is unique in Germany: This is because in addition, he'll glide down on a rope from the roof of the Sparkasse building with a  distance of 84 metres. 

Another highlight surely includes the medieval market. Craftsmen, musicians, travelling artists, cooks, innkeepers and travelling tradesmen will conjure up a medieval world on the square around the Pauluskirche and will transport visitors on a journey back in time. 

Further information about the two Ruhrgebiet Christmas markets, both of which can be quickly reached from Dortmund Airport, can be found online at and