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Accessible Travel

Information for passangers with reduced mobility


For people with physical disabilities travelling is often a challenge. On this page you will find information about the facilities and services at Dortmund Airport for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Inform us in advance

Barrierefreies parken

If you require assistance during your journey at Dortmund Airport, please state the nature of your restriction and the extent to which you require assistance when booking your flight. Timely advance notification to your airline or tour operator is important, as staff must be coordinated accordingly. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive the assistance you need.

You will find information on your pre-booking of the wheelchair service with the respective airlines:

You should also check with your doctor that there are no medical reasons why you shouldn't fly. The following four international categories will help you to determine your level of disability:

The passenger requires a wheelchair at all times and needs assistance inside the aircraft. As a rule the passenger has his or her own wheelchair.

The passenger can walk short distances, but is unable to negotiate stairs.

The passenger can walk, but requires a wheelchair for longer distances. The passenger is able to negotiate stairs.

The passenger is blind or visually impaired.

The passenger is deaf or hearing impaired.

Travelling to and from the airport by car

Dortmund Airport is on the eastern edge of the Ruhr area and can be reached quickly and easily from any direction by motorways and main roads. The airport is very close to the A40 (B1) and A44. If you travel by taxi or private car, you can be dropped off or picked up immediately outside the terminal (on both the departures and the arrivals levels), which means that the car is only a few metres from the terminal.

You can find more information on the Getting to the Airport by Car page.

Travelling to and from the airport by bus

The direct bus routes from Dortmund Central Station (AirportExpress) and Holzwickede (AirportShuttle) enable you to travel to the airport by public transport quickly and easily. Only low-floor buses are used on the shuttle services which are easily accessible to wheelchair users. The buses stop directly outside the terminal. You can find more detailed information about travelling to and from the airport using public transport on the current flight schedule and our website.

You can find more information about travelling to and from the airport using public transport on the Getting to the Airport by Bus and Train page.


All the airport's car parks have designated disabled spaces. The P1 car park is next to the terminal building and is ideal for people with disabilities because of its proximity to the terminal and its accessibility. There are 20 parking spaces on level -1 and 8 disabled parking spaces on parking level -2.


Passengers with disabilities can park free of charge in the designated spaces in car parks P1 and P2. You must display a disabled badge with the code "aG" (severely disabled), "Bl" (blind), "H" (helpless) or "B" (constant assistance required).

Important: The free car park exit ticket will be issued at the information desk on the day of your return flight. You will need to show your flight ticket. Please be aware that we cannot reimburse you at a later date.

In the terminal

All the different areas of the terminal are easily accessible. The shops and restaurants have only one floor. There are lifts to take you to every level. Disabled toilet facilities are available in the public area and the security area and are clearly signed. If you have problems finding your way about, please contact the airport information desk on the departures level/level 1 or the assistance service (PRM service) on the arrivals level/level 0.

Wheelchair service

If you are traveling with your own wheelchair (excluding electric wheelchairs), you may take it through security to the waiting area. You only have to leave your wheelchair before boarding the aircraft so that it can be loaded.

Electric wheelchairs and walkers must be handed in at the bulky baggage counter on the Departures level/Level 1. Electric wheelchairs must be checked and released in advance by a PRM service employee. In addition, further measures may be required. If necessary, the airport will provide you with a replacement wheelchair free of charge, which you can use until you board the aircraft. More information can be found here: Transport of own wheelchairs (PDF)

The airlines usually transport wheelchairs and other walking aids free of charge. Special transport regulations apply to battery-powered wheelchairs. Inquire with your airline for more information. You can find an overview of the contacts for all airlines at Dortmund Airport under “Airlines”. Please register your e-wheelchair at our airport information desk before departure and fill out the electric wheelchair safety check list (PDF) in advance. 

Assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM service)

On behalf of the airlines, Dortmund Airport provides an assistance service (PRM service) for passengers with reduced mobility. Our employees have received appropriate training to enable them to deal effectively with your specific requirements.

Service hours: from 5.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. (longer in the case of delayed flights)

The free assistance service (PRM service) is for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. This includes the following people:

  • Passengers who are full-time wheelchair users
  • Passengers who cannot climb stairs, but can walk a few steps to their seat
  • Passengers who need a wheelchair for longer distances, but who can climb a few stairs and walk a few steps to their seat
  • Visually impaired and blind passengers
  • Deaf passengers
  • Passengers with a learning disability


Wartebereich prm dortmund airport

For departing passengers, there is a central waiting area on the Departures level/Level 1 opposite check-in counter 30. Once at the airport, passengers must register. They will then be met in the waiting area and looked after until their departure.

Check-in is possible at the following locations:

  • All the check-in desks (departures level/level 1)
  • The information desk (departures level/level 1)
  • The telephone point in car park P1 (level -1)
  • The telephone point outside the west entrance (departures level/level 1)
  • directly from the PRM service by phone: +49.231.9213-600

Important: Please arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart to allow plenty of time for the check-in process.


Passengers arriving at the airport are collected from the aircraft by the assistance service (PRM service), given help in passport control and baggage reclaim and then taken to the central meeting place on the arrivals level. If necessary, an airport wheelchair will be provided at the aircraft. The service staff will also help you to transfer to your own wheelchair later, if you require assistance. The central meeting place for people collecting passengers is the drop-off point in the arrivals area/level 0 (at the exit from baggage reclaim). This is clearly signed.