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You will find flying from Dortmund Airport quick and easy. For a stress-free start to your journey, make sure that you arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours before your scheduled departure. Even if you have already checked in online, you should leave enough time for the security checks and, depending on the country you are flying to, for passport control.

You will easily find your way around the terminal at Dortmund airport which has a clear layout and bright and airy design. The intuitive signage system will show you where you need to go. We would also like to give you the following tips.

Terminal map and layout

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An overview of important information and services:

Passengers who arrive in Dortmund and plan to continue on a connecting flight must go from the arrivals level (level 0) to the departures level (level 1) and pass through the security checkpoint. 

Passengers with a Eurowings/Lufthansa transfer will have their luggage automatically transported to the destination airport. Passengers with two separate tickets may have to check their luggage in again.

The visitors' terrace on the gallery level (level 2) in the terminal gives you the perfect view of what is happening on the airport apron.

You can find more information on the visitors's terrace page.

If you want to post a letter before you leave, you will find a Deutsche Post letter box at the west entrance of the terminal (on the departures level).

The Federal Police at Dortmund Airport are responsible for monitoring cross-border traffic, checking travel documents and ensuring that passengers are entitled to enter the country.

In exceptional cases, German citizens whose travel documents (children's identity card, adult's identity card or passport) have expired can obtain a replacement travel document from the Federal Police on entering or leaving the country.

The Federal Police office is on the arrivals level (level 1) in the Dortmund Airport terminal.

Dortmund Airport has 28 check-in desks on the arrivals level (level 1). If you want to check in luggage, you must have the following documents ready: Identity card or passport, plane ticket, visa (if required). If you already have a boarding pass and are travelling only with hand luggage, you can go directly to the security checkpoint.

You will find more information about checking in your luggage and checking in the evening before you fly on the following page: Check-in.

Have you left something behind on the plane or lost something in the terminal? Is your luggage damaged or has it been lost? The staff at the lost and found office on the departures level (level 1) will be happy to help.

There are EC ATMs provided by the Dortmunder Volksbank, the Sparkasse Dortmund and the Postbank in the Dortmund Airport terminal (departures and arrivals level). The machines accept EC cards from all banks, together with Eurocards and Visa cards.

You can buy pre-paid cards which allow you to use the WiFi network in the terminal from the information desk (in the public area) and from the West Bar +Shop (in the security area).

You can find more information at WLAN im Terminal.

Luggage trolleys are available on the arrivals level (level 0) and on the departures level (level 1). A charge of €1 is made for using a trolley.

At Dortmund Airport, smoking is only allowed at the appropriately marked areas. Inside the terminal, passengers will find a smokers’ lounge after the security area, across from the WEST Bar. Outside the terminal building, there is a roof-covered smokers’ area near the western entrance/exit.

In order to get to your gate, you have to pass through the security checkpoint. This is in the middle of the terminal on the departures level (level 1).

Please read the safety regulations for your hand luggage. You can find information about this at Baggage und Security.

Larger items which cannot be transported to the plane on the automatic luggage conveyor (such as bicycles, car seats, prams and buggies, wheelchairs, rucksacks with straps and beach umbrellas) must be checked in at the bulk baggage desk (desk 01). The bulk baggage desk is not permanently staffed. Please report to the normal check-in counter for further advice.

The terminal is open daily from 03:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Please note that the terminal building is closed outside these hours - it is not possible to stay overnight in the terminal. Unfortunately, the entrances/locks must also be closed during corona times.

If you want to spend the night in Dortmund, you will find a range of hotels on the Booking your Hotel page.

Baby changing facilities are available in the public area of the terminal and in the security area near the gates.

If you are flying from Dortmund with a toddler or a baby, loan buggies which you can use until you board the plane are available free of charge after the security checkpoint. You simply leave the buggy at the gate when you board.

The customs officers at Dortmund Airport monitor the goods being brought in and out of the country.

They are also happy to help with tax-free purchases. Passengers who live outside the EU can buy goods in Germany without VAT. Customs officials must stamp the papers provided in the store before the passenger leaves the country, so that the passenger can claim the tax back. To ensure that the customs officers can process each case quickly and easily, passengers should have the following items ready, in addition to the tax-free form: Passport, plane ticket and the purchased items.

The customs office is on the arrivals level (level 0) near the exit from the baggage claim area.