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News from Dortmund Airport

  • Information Champions League weekend
    Terminal only open to passengers

    Dortmund Airport strongly advises fans not to travel to the airport on Sunday 2 June to welcome the team in as part of celebrations.

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  • New airline and new destination
    Wizz Air connects Dortmund with Bacău

    Dortmund Airport is delighted to announce a new partner, the Romanian airline DAN AIR. From 18 December 2024, DAN AIR will connect Dortmund with Bacău in northeastern Romania twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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  • Pegasus increases flight frequency
    Daily departures from Dortmund to Istanbul

    Pegasus Airlines from Turkey is further increasing the range of flights on offer from Dortmund Airport to Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul.

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  • Passenger growth in the first quarter
    Increasing passenger numbers ensure a successful start to the year

    Dortmund Airport is pleased to announce positive results for the first quarter of 2024.

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  • Ver.di strike on 15 March 2024
    Regular flight operations not possible

    In the course of wage disputes, the trade union ver.di is calling on security staff at Dortmund Airport to go on an all-day warning strike. On Friday, 15 March 2024, regular flight operations will not be possible due to the planned strike.

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  • Significant improvement in annual results
    Infrastructural expansion is progressing 

    With a passenger volume of over 2.9 million travellers, Dortmund Airport not only achieved a new passenger record in 2023, but also significantly improved its business balance.

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  • Growing flight offerings to Istanbul 
    Pegasus is increasing flight frequency at Dortmund Airport 

    Pegasus Airlines is preparing for the summer season and is further expanding its flight offering at Dortmund Airport from 1 April 2024.

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  • Expansion A40/B1
    Traffic restrictions

    The A40/B1 motorway is being expanded - in the course of the reconstruction measures, motorists must expect disruptions in places. Passengers, collectors, transporters or visitors should therefore plan more time for arrival and departure!

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  • 153,353 passengers in Xmas holidays 
    Peak values at the beginning of the year

    After a successful end to the year, the NRW Christmas holidays are also ending with positive growth for Dortmund Airport.

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  • Record passenger numbers for 2023
    Continued growth also expected this year

    A successful start to the new year: Dortmund Airport takes stock of 2023 and sees a new passenger record with a total of 2,934,516 passengers taking off and landing.

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  • Growing offerings for Mallorca
    From summer 2024 with Condor to Palma 

    With the start of the summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, the German airline Condor will now be operating the popular route to Palma de Mallorca three times a week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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  • New record year at Dortmund Airport
    Passenger numbers cause optimism at the turn of the year

    t the last supervisory board meeting of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH for 2023, airport managing director Ludger van Bebber presented the preliminary traffic figures for 2023.

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  • Wizz Air connects Dortmund with Craiova
    From the Ruhr region to Oltenia

    From now on, travellers from Dortmund can fly to the university city of Craiova in southwestern Romania in just under two and a half hours. Flights to the ninth Romanian destination are now included on Dortmund Airport's winter flight schedule twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays.

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  • Start of the Winter Season
    Dortmund Airport introduces the winter flight schedule 

    On the 29th of October, coinciding with the changeover from summer to winter time, the winter flight schedule comes into effect at Dortmund Airport.

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  • Results of the Autumn Holidays
    Katowice and Mallorca triumph as the most popular destinations

    Once again Dortmund Airport can report positive holiday results. In total, the airport welcomed 135,108 travellers to the airport during the holiday season and recorded a 4 per cent increase in passenger numbers in relation to the same period in the pre-crisis year 2019.

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  • New route added: Dortmund Airport to Istanbul
    Airport connects Ruhrgebiet with vital transport hub

    The long wait is finally over: from this December, passengers can fly direct from Dortmund Airport to Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul.

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  • Increased demand in 3rd quarter as well
    The airport has had a total of over 2.3 million travellers

    Dortmund Airport was able to continue the growth trend of the first half of the year and saw a total of 888,007 passengers for the period from July to September 2023. Compared to the third quarter of the previous year 2022, the airport recorded an increase of over 91,000 passengers, corresponding to a growth rate of 11.4 percent.

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  • Strong numbers at Dortmund Airport
    Growth enables further investments in the spirit of sustainability

    At today’s Supervisory Board meeting of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH, the management reported on the current traffic situation at Dortmund Airport. In view of the positive developments, the Supervisory Board confirmed several investments for the expansion of the infrastructure.

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  • Dortmund receives award
    Dortmund Airport is the best German Eurowings station, placing 3rd Europe-wide

    Dortmund Airport has successfully beaten the competition and been named the best German Eurowings Station in the Eurowings Station Awards.

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  • First flight to Brasov launched
    Wizz Air heads for eighth destination in Romania 

    For the first time, the airline Wizz Air has included a connection from Dortmund to Brasov into its route network. The Airbus took off from Dortmund Airport in the morning, inaugurating the eighth route to Romania. 

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  • Dortmund takes stock of the holidays
    July 2023 was the most successful month in the airport's history

    Dortmund Airport looks back with satisfaction on the six-week summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the start of the holiday period at the end of June, a total of 449,571 travellers were recorded at the airport up until 06.08.2023. Compared to the summer holidays of 2022, this represents an increase of more than 57,000 passengers (14.7%).

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  • Airport set to break a new record 
    More than 1.4 million passengers in the first half of the year

    Following on from the first three months, Dortmund Airport also recorded impressive growth in passenger numbers in the second quarter.

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  • Wizz Air expands route network
    New flights from Dortmund to Craiova from 30.10.2023

    Dortmund Airport is pleased to announce that Wizz Air flights from Dortmund to Craiova, a fascinating city in southern Romania, will be available from 30 October 2023. With the addition of this route, Dortmund Airport is expanding its route network and offering passengers the opportunity to discover a many-faceted destination. Wizz Air plans to offer the route twice a week, consolidating its presence in Romania with its ninth destination in the country.

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  • New chairwoman of supervisory board
    Auditing company confirms annual result

    On 16 June 2023, the supervisory board of Dortmund Airport elected Heike Heim as its new chairperson. In addition, the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH confirmed the 2022 annual financial statement.

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  • Dortmund receives permit amendment
    No change in operating hours

    Today, the Münster district government approved the second amendment of the Flughafen Dortmund GmbH air traffic permit. Due to the permit amendment, the current operating hours continue to apply unchanged.

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  • First flight to Yerevan launched
    Wizz Air flies non-stop from Dortmund to Armenia on Sundays and Wednesdays

    On Sunday, 30 April 2023, the Hungarian airline Wizz Air took off for the first time from Dortmund to Yerevan. Guido Miletic, Head of Airport Services and Marketing & Sales at Dortmund Airport, welcomed the crew on the apron.

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  • More passengers during Easter holidays
    Dortmund Airport draws positive holiday balance

    With 142,425 passengers and thus an increase of 21.6 percent compared to the previous year (117,098 passengers), Dortmund Airport draws a consistently positive holiday balance. The figures of the record year 2019, in which 127,829 travellers had used the flight offer during the Easter holidays, were thus clearly exceeded. 

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  • Eighth destination in Romania
    New destination: Brasov

    From 2 September, Wizz Air will be setting course for Brasov in Romania. Passengers will then be able to fly twice a week from Dortmund Airport to the largest city in Transylvania.

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  • Dortmund Airport continues to grow 
    Passenger numbers at an all-time high in first quarter of 2023

    In the first quarter of 2023, a total of 592,300 passengers used Dortmund Airport for their travels. This represents an increase of 46.2 percent in the year on year comparison and was the best start to the year in the airport's history.

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  • Starting the summer season with a new flight schedule
    43 destinations from Dortmund

    Dortmund Airport launched its summer season, offering flights to a total of 43 destinations in 22 countries. There is something for everyone in the varied range of destinations – whether culture, nature or relaxation.

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  • Ver.di strike on 27 March 2023 
    Regular flight operations not possible

    The United Services Union (ver.di) has called on public service employees at Dortmund Airport to go on a full-day strike on Monday, 27 March 2023. Due to the strike, it will not be possible to maintain regular flight operations.

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  • Last Supervisory Board meeting with G. Pehlke
    The chairman and CEO of DSW21 is retiring after 17 years 

    On Friday, 17 March 2023, Guntram Pehlke chaired his last Supervisory Board meeting of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH. It has been seventeen years since Pehlke was elected to the Supervisory Board and became chairman in 2006. 

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  • Positive EU operating result
    Dortmund Airport meets EU guidelines 2 years earlier than planned

    The anticipated annual result for 2022 is minus 8.5 million euros.  This means that Dortmund Airport will for the first time achieve the positive operating result required by the EU guidelines (annual result excluding depreciation, interest and sovereign costs) with €1.4 million. The airport thus fulfils the obligations to achieve a balanced operating result by 2024 earlier than planned.

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  • Direct flights to Armenia
    New destination: Yerewan

    Wizz Air has announced that it will be offering a direct connection to Yerevan from 29 April. Passengers will then be able to fly from Dortmund Airport to the capital of Armenia twice a week: every Sunday and Wednesday.

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  • Looking back on a successful year
    Forecasts exceeded thanks to multiple record passenger numbers

    A total of 2,586,342 passengers used Dortmund Airport last year. Thanks to the strong summer months with record passenger numbers, the forecast of around 2.45 million passengers has been exceeded despite the pandemic and the war in Europe.

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  • Changed opening hours
    Different opening hours apply to the Dortmund Airport terminal for the holidays

    Please note the changed opening hours for the Dortmund Airport terminal for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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  • Strong recovery rates at the Airport
    Looking back at 2022 and looking forward to 2023

    Airport CEO Ludger van Bebber presented the preliminary traffic figures for 2022 at the last meeting of the supervisory board of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH in 2022. The economic and financial plan for the coming year was also approved and an outlook for the coming months was given.

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  • Coronavirus: Information for travellers

    Here you will find current information on the coronavirus, informative links and practical health tips.

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  • Positive autumn holiday balance
    Passenger numbers are well above pre-crisis level

    Dortmund Airport is pleased to report that demand is high again: Dortmund Airport had expected around 144,000 passengers during the two-week autumn holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  • Strike at Eurowings
    Irregularities and delays in Dortmund also possible

    Due to a strike at Eurowings, there may also be disruptions in Dortmund during the strike period from 00:00 on Monday, 17.10.2022 to 23:59 on Wednesday, 19.10.2022.

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  • Positive trend continues
    Passenger records also in the third quarter of 2022

    In the third quarter of 2022, 796,663 passengers used Dortmund Airport as their departure or destination airport – an increase of around 10 per cent compared to last year (726,583 passengers).

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  • Strike action in France
    Disruption and delays are possible

    Due to a strike by air traffic controllers in France, flights may be disrupted until September 30 th 2022. Flights to Spain and Portugal may be affected as they will have to cross French airspace.

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  • The first flight to Rome takes off
    Wizz Air further expands its flight routes

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air flew from Dortmund to Rome for the first time this afternoon.

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  • Dortmund Airport on track for a record
    Passenger numbers higher than ever

    At today’s meeting of the Supervisory Board, Dortmund Airport management reported on the current traffic numbers at Dortmund Airport. Dortmund Airport has managed to break previous passenger records for several months in a row.

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  • Flights to Moldova resumed
    For the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

    Due to the Russian war of aggression in the Ukraine and the associated flight bans, Dortmund Airport was no longer able to serve particular destinations. This included the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. Flights from Dortmund to Chisinau have been possible again since 6 September.

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  • Passenger numbers top records
    Most successful summer holiday in Dortmund Airport history

    Possible record: This year’s NRW summer vacations from 25 June to 9 August bring Dortmund Airport a new passenger record, continuing the positive trend of rising passenger numbers. A total of 391,900 passengers used Dortmund’s services during the holiday period.

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  • Passenger numbers at record levels
    June 2022 is the busiest June in history of Dortmund Airport

    Passenger numbers at Dortmund Airport are showing an upswing: in the second quarter of 2022, 693,798 travellers flew out of Dortmund Airport.

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  • From Dortmund to Rome
    Wizz Air has a new destination in Italy

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air will be flying three times a week from Dortmund to Rome-Fiumicino (FCO) from 5 September.

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  • From Dortmund to Hévíz (Balaton)
    Wizz Air is flying to new a destination in Hungary

    Wizz Air airlines is expanding its services from Dortmund Airport: Starting this summer, passengers will have the opportunity of flying Wizz Air directly from Dortmund to Lake Balaton.

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  • More on offer than before the pandemic
    The new summer flight schedule offers a wide variety of travel opportunities

    Dortmund Airport has embarked on a growth course just in time for the start of the summer season on the 27th of March: The new flight schedule offers passengers about 30% more destinations than before the pandemic.

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  • Eurowings is headed to Venice
    New travel destination complements the summer flight schedule

    Starting this summer, passengers can fly direct from Dortmund to the popular holiday destination.

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  • Wizz Air suspends Ukraine flights
    For more information, visit or contact the airline's call centre

    Due to current events in Ukraine and the closure of airspace there, Wizz Air regrets to inform customers that the airline has to temporarily suspend all operations in the country.

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  • New storm warning for NRW
    Air traffic disruptions possible due to storm on 18 February

    Due to the renewed forecast of strong wind and gusts, air traffic may again be disrupted.

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  • Storm warning for NRW
    Air traffic disruptions possible due to storm on 17 February

    Air traffic may be disrupted due to the forecast strong winds and gusts.

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  • New Fast Lane at Dortmund Airport

    Since the 10th of January, passengers at Dortmund Airport have been able to use an additional path to security: the Fast Lane lets them skip the usual queue to get to security. 

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  • Wizz Air resumes travel to Larnaca
    From the 9th of October, non-stop flights from Dortmund to Cypress will resume

    From the 9th of October, Wizz Air will be offering non-stop travel from Dortmund to Cypress.

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  • Dortmund airport selects 
    New cooperation started with the self-connect service provider 

    From this month, traveling through Dortmund Airport has become even easier and more convenient because the Ruhr area airport is now an official partner of with a fully operating Smart Pass transfer service.

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  • Ryanair flies from Dortmund to Zagreb
    Planes will depart on Mondays and Fridays

    The Irish airline Ryanair is now serving the Croatian capital every Monday and Friday. Ryanair thus consolidates its position as the third biggest airline in Dortmund.

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  • SunExpress is flying to Turkey again
    Direct flight from Dortmund to Izmir possible

    SunExpress has been flying regularly from Dortmund to Izmir again since this weekend. Travellers can use the connection every Tuesday and Saturday during the summer months.

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  • Summer destinations from Dortmund
    Eurowings takes off to Malaga, Alicante and Catania

    A triple premiere at Dortmund Airport: Germany's leading holiday airline Eurowings took off today for the first time to the new destinations Malaga, Alicante and Catania. 

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  • From Dortmund to Zagreb
    Fly to the capital of Croatia with Ryanair from September

    The Irish airline Ryanair will be flying twice a week from Dortmund to Zagreb from 3 September. Every Friday and Monday, travellers can reach the capital of Croatia in less than two hours. 

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  • From Dortmund to Rhodes
    Take off with Eurowings this summer to the largest Greek sunny island

    Eurowings announced just a few days ago that the airline would station a second aircraft at Dortmund Airport. This is associated with a significant expansion of the existing flights, especially for tourist destinations.

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  • Eurowings announces new destinations
    Dortmund Airport becomes the official home airport of the BVB team Airbus

    The airline Eurowings is strengthening Dortmund: In the 2021 summer flight schedule, the Lufthansa subsidiary is significantly expanding its services and offering travellers from Dortmund six additional attractive holiday destinations in Spain, Italy and Greece.

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  • Wizz Air flying to Mallorca
    Airline responds to high demand

    From 1 April, Wizz Air will fly from Dortmund to Mallorca every Thursday and Sunday. The airline is responding to high demand by including the Germans' favourite holiday island in its flight schedule.

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  • Wizz Air releases winter flight schedule
    More flexibility for passengers

    Just a few days ago, Wizz Air released its summer 2021 flight schedule and opened bookings. Travellers can now book flights for the 2021/2022 winter season. Passengers can choose from 41 destinations in 23 countries.

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  • New summer destination from DTM
    Fly with Wizz Air to the Black Sea Coast

    Between 10 June and 11 September, passengers have the chance to travel from Dortmund Airport to Burgas. Wizz Air will fly to the Bulgarian city on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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  • Wizz Air publishes summer flight schedule
    Start from from Dortmund to 45 destinations in 24 countries

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air has already opened most destinations for booking from Dortmund Airport. The airline plans to fly directly from Dortmund to 45 destinations in 24 countries from April to October.

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  • PCR Tests at Dortmund Airport
    Medicare responds to demand

    Medicare has been operating a COVID-19 test centre in the arrivals area at Dortmund Airport since 1 January 2021. From 8 February, members of the public who want to be tested can have a PCR test there.

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  • From Dortmund to Sarajevo
    Wizz Air further expands its flight routes

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air is expanding its services from Dortmund Airport: From May 20, 2021, passengers will have the opportunity to fly from Dortmund to Sarajevo on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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  • Airline diversity grows at DTM
    Sky Express flies from Dortmund to Heraklion

    Good news for people who love Greece: From 23 May 2021, Sky Express will fly every Tuesday and Sunday from Dortmund to Heraklion. This is the first route that the Greek airline is operating from Dortmund Airport.

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  • EasyJet returns to Dortmund Airport
    London-Luton is back on the flight schedule

    After the British airline easyJet cancelled all flights from Dortmund Airport due to the Corona pandemic, it will resume the connection to London-Luton for the 2021 summer flight schedule.

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  • Dortmund Airport takes stock
    Passenger numbers fall by 55% in 2020

    1,220,624 passengers used Dortmund Airport for their journey in 2020. This is 55% lower than the number of passengers the Airport saw in its record year in 2019. The number of flights fell by 48% in the same period.

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  • COVID-19 - Rapid Test Centre
    Test centre to open at Dortmund Airport on 01.01.2021

    In accordance with the new decree by the NRW state government, all airline passengers travelling into the country from risk areas must take a COVID-19 test after landing at the airport or produce a negative test result. 

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  • Changed opening hours
    Different opening hours for the terminal on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

    Due to the reduced flight connections on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the terminal at Dortmund Airport will not be open as usual.

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  • Change of Managing Director
    Udo Mager is departing from his position after seven years

    It is one of the last days that Udo Mager will be spending as Managing Director at Dortmund Airport. For a good seven years, he campaigned for the interests of the company and its employees. Mager’s successor is no stranger to the industry. Ludger van Bebber, previously Managing Director at Weeze Airport, will be in charge of the business at Dortmund Airport starting 1 October.

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  • Route network grows by 18 destinations
    Wizz Air is stationing three aircraft at Dortmund Airport

    On Thursday, 18 June, the Hungarian airline Wizz Air and Dortmund Airport announced at a joint press conference that Wizz Air will station three Airbus A320s at Dortmund Airport starting August 2020. 

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  • The route network is growing
    Wizz Air is flying from Dortmund to Cyprus

    Starting 11 July, travellers can fly to Larnaka from Dortmund Airport. The Hungarian airline Wizz Air will fly to the city in Cyprus three times a week. Planes take off to the Eastern Mediterranean on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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  • Resumption of air traffic
    Measures implemented to protect passengers and employees 

    Dortmund Airport has used the past few weeks to prepare for the resumption of flight operations. It has implemented extensive hygiene measures to enable passengers to travel safely even during the Corona pandemic.

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  • Storm warning
    Air traffic at Dortmund Airport may be affected

    Weather warning from the German Meteorological Service (DWD): A severe storm is expected to hit North Rhine-Westphalia from Sunday (09.02.2020). Depending on the strength of the storm, this may lead to disruptions and restrictions in air traffic.

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  • Record year for Dortmund Airport
    Dortmund Airport among the 10 largest airports in Germany

    “We did not just achieve our goal of welcoming 2.5 million passengers to our airport in 2019, we significantly exceeded it. We can be very satisfied with those figures because the increase is not only far above the growth in the industry, but it also makes us the leader in passenger development for the second time in a row after 2018”, says airport chief Udo Mager, commenting on Dortmund Airport’s passenger numbers for of 2019.

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  • Changed opening hours
    The opening hours of the Dortmund Airport terminal differ from the public holidays.

    Due to the reduced flight connections on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, the terminal at Dortmund Airport will not be open as usual. The travel times of the bus connection will also differ from the public holidays.

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  • New passenger record in Dortmund
    2019 is the year with the highest passenger traffic in the history of Dortmund Airport

    Victoria Popp had something to be happy about: She was the 2,331,027th passenger at Dortmund Airport in 2019. It is a really special number for Dortmund Airport because it shows that more passengers than ever before had used Dortmund Airport. On Wednesday, 13 November, the previous record from 2008 was broken.

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  • Laudamotion Announces Route from Dortmund Airport
    Daily to Vienna as of March 2020

    Laudamotion will be flying from Dortmund to Vienna daily as of March 29, 2020. The Austrian Airline is thereby supplementing Wizz Air service on the route as of the 2020 summer flight schedule.

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  • Dortmund Airport is heading towards a record year
    Two million mark already passed in the third quarter

    The benchmark of two million passengers, declared as Dortmund Airport’s clear target two years ago, was met in the third quarter this year. 

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  • End of holiday: Dortmund Airport takes stock
    Almost 385,000 passengers during the summer holidays

    A total of 384,963 passengers passed through Dortmund Airport during the six-week summer holidays in NRW. This is a 16.3 per cent increase year-over-year.

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  • First flight to Ohrid started
    Wizz Air has been at Dortmund Airport for 15 years

    Wizz Air’s first plane took off from Dortmund Airport to Katowice exactly 15 years ago. A new route has been inaugurated for the anniversary: The Hungarian airline has been offering flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays to Ohrid in northern Macedonia since 2 July 2019.

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  • Bomb disposal in the south of Dortmund
    Flight operations will be affected

    The air traffic of Dortmund Airport will be affected by a bomb disposal in the the south of Dortmund. The airspace will be closed during the disarming of several second world war bombs.

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  • First flight to Palanga takes off
    Wizz Air extends its offer in Dortmund

    On Easter Sunday, the first passengers took the opportunity to fly Wizz Air to the popular resort of Palanga. The Hungarian airline offers flights to the Baltic Sea resort in Lithuania twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. For the maiden flight, the crew were greeted on the apron by Guido Miletic, Head of Marketing & Sales at Dortmund Airport, and Davina Ungruhe, Press Spokeswoman at Dortmund Airport.

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  • New Airline at Dortmund Airport
    BUZZ flies to Katowice from Winter

    Ryanair's Polish subsidiary BUZZ will be flying to Katowice ten times a week from the 2019/2020 winter season onwards. 

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  • Full closure of B1 in the area of Sölde
    Expansion of the A 40 motorway will affect travel to Dortmund airport

    Attention drivers: The expansion of the A 40 motorway is in full swing. Between the Dortmund-Ost connection and the Dortmund/Unna motorway junction, the present federal roadway B1 will be widened from four to six lanes for a length of 9.5 km.

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  • Book Parking Online
    Tickets with wallet function for a paperless journey to Dortmund Airport

    Travel planning is currently in full swing for many. Flights and hotels are often already booked up. Now it’s time to get down to the details. Getting to the airport plays an important role here. The better you plan it, the sooner and more relaxed you can start your holiday.

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  • Passenger numbers continued to rise in 2018
    Ten new routes provide growth at Dortmund Airport

    Dortmund Airport continues to enjoy growing popularity: 2,284,176 passengers used the airport for their trip in 2018, 14 percent more than in 2017. This exceeded the forecast growth. A total of 15,189 flights departed and landed at Dortmund Airport, with 38 different destinations.

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  • New destination in sight: From Dortmund to Palanga in Lithuania
    Wizz Air announces a new route for summer 2019

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air, the biggest customer at Dortmund Airport, will start offering a direct connection from Dortmund to Palanga in Lithuania on 21 April 2019. 

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  • Fly from Dortmund to Tirana starting now
    The only direct connection from North Rhine-Westphalia to Tirana has started

    The first flight on the new route from Dortmund to Tirana took off last night. The capital of Albania is the first of five new destinations introduced by the Hungarian airline Wizz Air in the winter timetable. 

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  • Growth trend continues in the autumn holidays
    Dortmund Airport has 12.8 percent more passengers

    Dortmund Airport is concluding this year’s autumn holidays with a passenger plus of 12.8 percent. During the two-week holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia, a total of 108,678 passengers used Dortmund Airport. 

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  • Ryanair changes its baggage policy
    Starting 01/11/2018, only a small carry-on baggage is free.

    Ryanair will change its baggage policy from 01.11.2018. This mainly affects passengers who only want to travel with carry-on baggage.

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  • Winter season 2018/2019
    37 destinations in 22 countries can be reached directly from Dortmund

    The clocks have been running differently again in Germany since 28.10.2018. It’s winter time! Just in time for the time change, Dortmund Airport also started the winter season 2018/2019 with 5 new or returning destinations.

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  • New baggage regulations for Wizz Air
    An overview of the changes for carry-on and checked baggage

    New baggage regulations will enter into effect starting 1 November 2018 at the Hungarian airline Wizz Air. 

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  • More options during the winter season
    Wizz Air introduces five new routes

    On Sunday, 28 October 2018, Dortmund Airport will start the winter season with a total of 37 destinations in 22 different countries. In addition to metropolises such as Munich, London and Budapest, numerous other attractive cities in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe can also be reached via a short trip from Dortmund Airport.

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  • Higher passenger volumes in the third quarter
    New Wizz Air connections act as a growth engine

    Dortmund Airport continued the growth trend of the previous periods in the third quarter, further increasing its passenger numbers. In the period from July to September 2018, there were a total of 16.1 percent more passengers than in the same period of the previous year. 

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  • Interim results with Passenger-Plus at the airport
    Around 1.5 million passengers from January to August 2018

    The traffic performance from January to August 2018 was presented at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH. Airport Managing Director Udo Mager looked back with satisfaction on the traffic numbers for the first eight months, as the airport recorded a significant increase in passenger numbers with a total of around 1.5 million passengers. 

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  • The District Government of Münster approves longer operating hours at Dortmund Airport
    Restricted flight operations between 10:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. now possible

    The management of Flughafen Dortmund GmbH takes the following position on the decision of the District Government of Münster to extend the operating hours: Managing Director Udo Mager: "We welcome the fact that the District Government of Münster has now decided to extend the operating hours of Dortmund Airport. Deviating from our application, the approval unfortunately falls short of the operating times and flight movements required from the airport's point of view.”

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  • Fly from Dortmund to Albania and Kosovo 
    Wizz Air to connect Dortmund with Tirana and Pristina in the future 

    The Hungarian airline Wizz Air is directing its attention towards the winter flight schedule and announcing two new direct flight destinations, which will complement the current range of flights from Dortmund Airport in winter.

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  • Another Romanian destination to be served in the Dortmund route network 
    New flight route to Iasi has been officially opened
  • Wizz Air Announces New Flight Route to Chisinau
    Flight tickets can be booked from Dortmund to Moldova

    Wizz Air, one of the fastest growing European airlines and the leading low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, announced a new route from Dortmund to Chisinau in early July. From 16 December 2018, the Hungarian airline Wizz Air will connect Dortmund with the capital of Moldova. Flights from Dortmund to Chisinau will depart on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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  • Start thinking about parking now!
    Secure your parking at Dortmund Airport starting at 19 € for the entire period

    Holiday planning for 2018 is in full swing for many places, if not already completely finished. Your booked your flight with an early-bird discount and reserved your hotel at a discounted price. But what about arrival and departure? What should you do with your car while on holiday?

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  • Free WIFI
    Unlimited free surfing at the Dortmund Airport terminal starting now.

    The WIFI at the Dortmund Airport terminal has been free to passengers and visitors since 5 March 2018.

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  • New flight destinations as an engine for growth at Dortmund Airport
    16. supervisory board meeting: Continuous passenger growth in the year’s course

    Crossing the 2 million passenger mark at the end of the year remains the declared target for Dortmund Airport. Thus the last supervisory board meeting of the current year 2017 reviewed the development of transport at the Dortmund Airport. The Ruhr area airport managed to continuously increase its number of passengers throughout the entire year. 

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  • The new PANTHER is here
    Airport fire brigade receives the first new Rosenbauer vehicle in Germany

    At the beginning of October, the fire brigade at Dortmund Airport received its eagerly awaited flagship: a PANTHER 6 X 6 made by the fire-engine manufacturer Rosenbauer.

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  • Increase in passengers at the airport in the third quarter
    More destinations on the winter timetable

    The slight increase in passengers from the first half of 2017 continued in the third quarter, and further intensified with the figures at the end of September showing 5.3 percent more passengers using Dortmund s airport than in 2016. In total during the period July to September, 565,562 passengers were recorded at Dortmund Airport - this represents an increase of 3.3 percent in the third quarter.

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  • New flight connection from Dortmund to Varna inaugurated
    Wizz Air incorporates a further flight route to Bulgaria

    Just in time for the start of the summer season, the flight offer at Dortmund Airport has been expanded by a new connection by the Hungarian Wizz Air. For the first time, passengers took their seats in the Wizz Air plane in Dortmund today, which will be connecting Dortmund and Varna on the Black Sea twice weekly from now on.

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  • Delightful annual result 2016
    Modernisation of general aviation terminals lies ahead

    At the 13th meeting of the Flughafen Dortmund GmbH Managing Director Udo Mager presented a preliminary 2016 annual result of negative 14.9 million euros. As such, the Dortmund airport achieved its best annual result since 2001.

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  • Dortmund Airport is a pioneer in newsletter marketing
    Number 1 among mobility companies

    In a study by consulting firm Absolit Consulting that analyses the newsletter and e-mail activities of tourist companies operating in Germany, Dortmund s airport ranked number one out of 20 studied mobility companies.

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  • Second entrance to the security area
    New security lanes put into operation

    On 19 December 2016, a second entrance to the security area at the departure level was put into operation. With passenger checkpoints A and B and now seven security lanes, a quick review of all travellers should be guaranteed, even at peak times.

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  • First flight from Dortmund to Niš
    Wizz Air launches new connection to Serbia

    On 20 August, Hungarian airline Wizz Air launched a new connection from Dortmund Airport. With immediate effect, travellers can fly to the Serbian city of Niš from Dortmund on three days a week.

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  • New destination from Dortmund Airport
    Wizz Air connects Dortmund with Niš

    The Ruhr Area will be connected to the Serbian Niš - Konstantin Veliki Airport with effect from 20 August 2016.

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  • To Georgia for the first time
    Wizz Air connects Dortmund with Kutaisi

    The Ruhrgebiet area shall be connected to Georgia by air for the first time. Wizz Air shall be flying from the Georgian Kopitnari Airport to Dortmund twice per week, commencing on 25 September 2016.

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  • One website for numerous devices
    The Dortmund Airport website

    Whether you're using a computer, smartphone or tablet, at the office, on the road or at home, the Dortmund Airport website is always available. Just open the domain and the page will automatically load in the correct format.

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  • Strong passenger numbers in the third quarter
    Numbers down on last year

    As we enter the last quarter of the year, passenger numbers at Dortmund Airport are up 1.3% compared with the first three quarters of last year.

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  • Heinemann expands its presence
    Second duty-free shop openend

    Heinemann now has a second option at Dortmund Airport for you to enjoy relaxed shopping before you fly. A new Heinemann duty-free shop selling a selected range of products has opened in the eastern section of the airport building, close to Gates 7 to 12.

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  • New regulation for e-cigarettes
    Now only permitted in hand luggage

    E-cigarettes have ignited in hold luggage and caused fires several times already. For this reason, passengers are now only permitted to carry e-cigarettes in hand luggage.

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  • Positive figures for the first six months of the year
    Passenger numbers are also increasing in the second quarter.

    In the first half of 2015, almost one million passengers (932,103) used Dortmund Airport, 6% more than in the same period last year. Passenger numbers at the airport are also rising in the second quarter of the year.

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  • New service for passengers
    Luggage-wrapping service in the terminal

    Battered suitcases, damaged handles and locks, lost suitcase contents: are all a thing of the past with the new luggage-wrapping service in Dortmund Airport. For €7, passengers no longer need to take any chances. 

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  • New regulation for hand luggage
    Electrical devices in hand luggage

    As of April 10th, Passengers will at security checkpoints be required to take larger electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, hair driers, cameras, shavers) out of the pockets. The devices will be controlled separately in the X-Ray installation. Previously, this regulation was limited to tablets and laptops.

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  • Enormous Demand for Warsaw
    Wizz Air expands it Warsaw service even before the first flight

    In response to the enormous demand, Wizz Air is already expanding its connections to Warsaw from Dortmund before the service even starts. Beginning in March of 2015 Wizz will start conducting regular flights from Dortmund to Poland’s capital city.

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  • Third-largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia
    Dortmund Airport just behind Düsseldorf and Cologne

    Dortmund Airport is the third-largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia. Only Düsseldorf and Cologne Bonn served more passengers in 2014. This has now been confirmed by figures for the sector released by the Flughafenverband ADV airport association.

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  • Passengers numbers continue to grow
    Dortmund passengers fly to London

    Passenger numbers at Dortmund Airport are continuing to grow. In 2014, too, more passengers than in the previous year took off and landed in Dortmund. A total of 1,965,802 passengers used the Ruhr region airport, which represents a 2.2 % rise in the number of passengers compared with 2013.

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  • New Website
    Communication to the latest standarts

    So, you're a passenger and would like to find out about arrival and departure times? You'd like to know the desk and gate for your flight at the start of your journey? Or you live near the airport and are looking for information about noise levels? Perhaps you would like to become one of our business partners and find out about advertising opportunities for your company? Dortmund Airport has updated its website to the very latest standards.

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  • First flight to Sibiu/Hermannstadt
    Wizz Air launches a new Romanian connection

    On Sunday, an airbus belonging to Wizz Air took off from Dortmund in the direction of Sibiu for the first time. From now on, Central and Eastern Europe's largest airline will offer flights between the Ruhr area and the Transylvanian city twice a week (Wed., Sun.).

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  • A new destination from Dortmund: With Wizz Air to Riga

    From June, the Latvian capital, Riga, will be added to Dortmund Airport's scheduled flights. Wizz Air will connect the largest city in the Baltic with the airport in the Ruhr.

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