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Second entrance to the security area

New security lanes put into operation

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Passengers at the new security check point A at the Dortmund airport © Dortmund Airport, Hans-Jürgen Landes.

On 19 December 2016, a second entrance to the security area at the departure level was put into operation. With passenger checkpoints A and B and now seven security lanes, a quick review of all travellers should be guaranteed, even at peak times.

The newly-created checkpoint A is located at the west of the terminal near the also expanded duty-free shops and has two security lanes. Security checkpoint B continues to be centrally located and offers five security lanes.

To carry out a smooth operation and the shortest-possible waiting times, it is important that passengers head directly to the appropriate checkpoint. Travellers can find information on their corresponding checkpoints (A or B) at the following areas:

On the Dortmund airport website under flights and airlines > departure

On departure flight monitors in the terminal and on the flyer display over checkpoint B

During check-in or baggage check-in with employees at the check-in or baggage drop-off counters 

With employees at the information counter (departure level)

The basis of a pleasant itinerary remains that passengers should generally be at the airport at least two hours before departure.

As part of current renovation measures at the Dortmund airport, additional projects for optimizing service quality were already completed  among them structural restoration and expansion of toilet facilities at the departure level along with improving restaurant and shopping offerings at the terminal.