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Check-in baggage

Baggage regulations for your flight

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The regulations on check-in luggage, hand luggage, excess baggage, special baggage and sports luggage vary depending on the airline and type of ticket. It is a good idea to contact your airline or your tour operator well in advance to inform yourself of your different options.

Hold baggage regulations for each airline

The number of items of luggage and the total weight that each passenger can check in vary depending on the airline, type of ticket and destination. Please contact your travel agency or airline before you fly to find out more. Below you will find the amount of luggage permitted by each airline. (In some cases you have to pay extra charges).


Charges: €24,70  (for online payment) and €47 (for payment at check-in) for max. 20 kg per person, route and baggage

Eurowings Charges for Basic tickets: €9-15 (if you pay online) and €30 (if you pay at the check-in desk) for a maximum of 23 kg per person, per flight for the first luggage item.
Free for other tickets: Max. 23 kg per person and luggage item

Charges: €10–40 (if you book online) or €25–50 (if you pay at the check-in desk) for 15–20 kg per person, flight and luggage item.

SunExpress Max. 20 kg per Person 
Wizz Air

Charges: from €16–65 (if you pay online) and €55 up to 23 kg and €75 up to 32 kg (if you pay at the check-in desk) per person, flight and luggage item

Excess and special baggage

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Luggage which weigh more than the free luggage allowance and special luggage or sports equipment can be checked in if there is enough space in the hold, though an additional charge may be made. Most airlines will transport child seats, prams, buggies and wheelchairs free of charge.

It is important to note that you should inform the airline when you book your ticket about any special luggage you plan to take with you.

At the airport
You should report first of all to the normal check-in desk at Dortmund Airport. You can then hand in your special luggage at the bulky luggage desk (desk 01).