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Dortmund takes stock of the holidays

July 2023 was the most successful month in the airport's history

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Dortmund Airport looks back with satisfaction on the six-week summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the start of the holiday period at the end of June, a total of 449,571 travellers were recorded at the airport up until 06.08.2023. Compared to the summer holidays of 2022, this represents an increase of more than 57,000 passengers (14.7%). Compared to the pre-crisis year of 2019, a 16.8% increase in passenger volume was achieved.

July was notably positive, with the airport welcoming more than 300,000 passengers in a single calendar month for the first time in its history (307,377). While passenger numbers also set a record in July last year, this has now been exceeded by almost 44,000 passengers. The airport is pleased to report an 18.8% increase in passenger numbers compared to July 2019. "Dortmund Airport is one of the few airports in Germany that has not only come close to achieving the pre-crisis level but has also clearly surpassed it. This very positive result has been made possible by new destinations, the growing popularity of existing ones and people’s undiminished desire to travel", states Guido Miletic, Head of Airport Services + Marketing & Sales.

In order to escape the largely dismal summer weather in Germany, many people opted for traditional holiday destinations this year. Mediterranean destinations such as Palma de Mallorca and Antalya enjoyed great popularity among travellers from Dortmund.

Another top destination, with a remarkable 50,393 passengers, was Katowice, which has always been popular during the holiday season. Bucharest, Belgrade, Tirana and London were also in high demand during the six-week school break. In relation to the same period last year, many existing routes were more heavily frequented. Flights to and from Tirana and London alone saw an increase in passenger volume of around 75%.

Thanks to the current upward trend, the airport is optimistic about the second half of the year and looks forward to welcoming travellers back for the autumn holidays at the latest.