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SunExpress is flying to Turkey again

Direct flight from Dortmund to Izmir possible

Sunexpress izmir dortmund airport

SunExpress has been flying regularly from Dortmund to Izmir again since this weekend. Travellers can use the connection every Tuesday and Saturday during the summer months. “We’re delighted that SunExpress has reintroduced this popular route to its portfolio after a break of over a year due to Covid. This means passengers from Dortmund finally have the opportunity to fly directly to Turkey again,” says Guido Miletic, Head of Airport Services and Marketing.

“This is not only good news for tourists, but especially for citizens with Turkish roots who have happily used the connection to visit relatives and friends abroad,” explains Miletic. Thanks to SunExpress’ domestic routes, passengers have connections to the whole of Turkey from Izmir. A good 17,000 passengers used the connection between Dortmund and Izmir in 2019.

Off on holiday again, finally! Is there anyone in Germany who isn’t ready for a holiday right now?” asks SunExpress Commercial Director Peter Glade. “I come from the Ruhr region and know how popular Turkey is there – Izmir in particular is one of the favourite destinations from Dortmund. We’re all the more pleased that we can once again fly many holidaymakers during the most beautiful weeks of the year and give them the opportunity to see friends and family.”