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20141216 neue website

So, you're a passenger and would like to find out about arrival and departure times? You'd like to know the desk and gate for your flight at the start of your journey? Or you live near the airport and are looking for information about noise levels? Perhaps you would like to become one of our business partners and find out about advertising opportunities for your company? Dortmund Airport has updated its website to the very latest standards.

Here, passengers, business partners, private pilots and local residents can find comprehensive information all about flights and the company. The website, which Project Manager Tim Elsdörfer spent a year restructuring together with partners such as "Infopark", is clear, easy to use and full of information that can be found in just a few clicks. "With eleven million page views a year at the last count, the old website has been used extensively for over seven years. Technology has also developed rapidly during that time. So it was now time to update the airport's website and adapt it in line with current usage habits," explains Elsdörfer. The Internet community, in particular, was involved in the redesign. "For example, we asked our large number of Facebook followers about possible improvements. The result is a very clearly designed, uncluttered website. Any user can find information without a long search," says Elsdörfer.

"For us, it was especially important to use the new website as a transparent communication channel with our neighbours," adds Airport ­Managing Director Udo Mager. "We provide information on flight routes, aircraft noise and prospects for growth, as well as providing links to additional information platforms. In this way, any interested parties, in particular our neighbours, can form an opinion on airport issues." Local residents, for example, can find out about delayed take-offs and landings, aircraft noise measurements and hours of operation. The service is completed by surveys, addresses of contact persons and further links. The former Dortmund Airport homepage was visited by more than 2.2 million people a year. This number will probably grow in future: The full scope of services of www.dortmund- can now be accessed not only from a computer, but also via a smartphone or tablet. Project Manager Tim Elsdörfer: "Users can find what they are looking for without a long search." Clear, easy to use, informative: The Dortmund Airport website leaves no visitor's question unanswered. "We have updated the website to suit today's usage habits," says Project Manager Tim Elsdörfer.