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Results of the Autumn Holidays

Katowice and Mallorca triumph as the most popular destinations

Airlines vorfeld dortmund airport

Once again Dortmund Airport can report positive holiday results. For the period of the North Rhine-Westphalian autumn holidays, the airport had forecast a passenger volume of just under 110,000 travellers. With October 15h coming to a close, this forecast was exceeded by more than 25,000 passengers. In total, the airport welcomed 135,108 travellers to the airport during the holiday season and recorded a 4 per cent increase in passenger numbers in relation to the same period in the pre-crisis year 2019.

The busiest day of the autumn holidays was October 2nd - more than 9,200 passengers chose Dortmund Airport on this Monday. As expected, the appeal of the warmer vacation destinations over the holiday period was confirmed by strong demand. The Mediterranean destinations Palma de Mallorca (13,694 passengers) and Antalya (5,815 passengers) in particular once again enjoyed great popularity. Moreover, the number of passengers travelling to Poland stood out positively. 17,465 passengers used the connections between Dortmund and Katowice operated by Wizz Air and Ryanair. The port city of Gdansk is also high on the popularity scale with 6,960 travellers.

The end of the vacation period as well as the upcoming introduction of the winter flight schedule on the last weekend in October offer a welcome opportunity to already start planning for the next trip.