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Unlimited free surfing at the Dortmund Airport terminal starting now.

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© Dortmund Airport, Annika Neumann.

The WIFI at the Dortmund Airport terminal has been free to passengers and visitors since 5 March 2018. Dortmund Airport is expanding its range of services and making an additional step towards digitisation with this offer.

If you want to explore the wide world of the Internet from Dortmund Airport, just connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the ìDOKOM21 Hotspot @ Airportî network. When you open your browser, a welcome page will appear. Just select free access there and confirm the terms and conditions and terms of use. Youíre ready to go - Thereís no time limit and itís 100% free.

Newsletter subscribers no longer need to log in with their personal access data after signing into WIFI. You can surf around the clock free of charge with Dortmund Airportís WIFI.

Newsletter readers will continue to be the first to receive exclusive news and benefit from sweepstakes, perks and discounts.