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Delightful annual result 2016

Modernisation of general aviation terminals lies ahead

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At the 13th meeting of the Flughafen Dortmund GmbH s supervisory board, Flughafen Managing Director Udo Mager presented a preliminary 2016 annual result of negative 14.9 million euros. As such, the Dortmund airport achieved its best annual result since 2001 (including amortisations, interest, and sovereign costs). Compared to the previous year, the Dortmund airport was able to improve its annual result by roughly 3 million and even significantly exceed its scheduled annual result. Udo Mager explains the increase in the result: In addition to significant cost reduction, we managed to significantly reduce the effects the effects of collapsed charter traffic in Turkey due to exceptionally strong winter months.

The passenger growth during the first quarter (4-percent increase) and from the months of November (1-percent increase) and December (5-percent increase) has curbed the effects of the declining summer traffic numbers.  The operating result as per EU guidelines declined to its lowest value ever at negative 1.87 million. Final results will be presented in June at the supervisory board meeting after review by the auditing company PwC. The positive development trend at the end of the year 2016 managed to continue into the first two months of the year 2017. When regarded cumulatively, 3.2% more passengers flew from the Dortmund airport in January and February , emphasised Udo Mager.

The delightful annual result and the increase in traffic numbers are proof of the effectiveness of the initiated and implemented measures from 2020 company development and the 2023 future concept. Expenditure reductions and revenue increases are important milestones on the path to a balanced operating result and thus, the Dortmund airport consistently keeps track of them.

Greater comfort for private and business travellers

In addition to improving transport and charter traffic, enhancing business and private aviation should also lead to long-term revenue increases in the aviation industry. In 2016, general aviation constituted more than half of total movement at the Dortmund airport with roughly 16,000 starts and landings. This second pillar of the airport emphasises its positioning as a hybrid airport with offers in all segments of aviation , Udo Mager explains the strategy.

Ever since the terminal was put into operation in the year 2000, private and business travellers in general aviation have been served by the airport s former check-in area. Building C (former check-in building), which was constructed in the 80s, has its own security, customs and password check along with a GAT traffic centre for registering and billing flights. During the course of the package of measures for securing the infrastructural competitiveness and performance of the Dortmund airport, the airport now plans to restructure the GAT area with a total investment volume of 1.6 million euros.

The extensive construction measures for restructuring are set to begin at the end of this year. After completing the extensive modernisation work, expected to be completed at the end of 2018, the terminal for private and business travellers will offer an inviting entrance area and spacious rooms with comfortably-equipped lounges and a view of the airport ramp. Some parking spaces will be bookable at the car park opposite this location. Guests and crews will soon be able to be dropped off before the main entrance. With this restructuring and modern technical equipment of GAT, we increase quality and comfort for our guests , says airport general manager Udo Mager. The supervisory board of the Dortmund GmbH airport approved the modernisation of the general aviation terminal with a recommendation to the company meeting.

Modifying the security structure

Floor markings, signs, and lighting along the taxiways are for guidance and safety at airports. At the supervisory board meeting, the Dortmund airport informed its members about the installation of runway guard lights that was additionally requested by the pilot professional organization Vereinigung pilot  for all international commercial airports. They are intended to prevent unintentional taxiing on a runway. The work will be carried out in fall 2017 without hindering flight operations at the Dortmund airport. The Dortmund airport s supervisory board decided on installing the runway guard lights and renovating the markings on the airport ramp.