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Passenger numbers at record levels

June 2022 is the busiest June in history of Dortmund Airport

News ferien passagiere
© Frank Peterschröder

Passenger numbers at Dortmund Airport are showing an upswing: in the second quarter of 2022, 693,798 travellers flew out of Dortmund Airport. Compared to a good 302,000 passengers in the previous year, this represents growth of almost 130 percent. Flight movements have thus almost returned to the pre-pandemic level of 2019, when almost 715,000 people used the airport.

Last month was even the strongest June in the airport's history. With more than 250,000 travellers, there were 4,000 more passengers in the last month of the quarter than in 2019. One reason for the high passenger volume, other than consumers’ heightened enthusiasm for travel, is the wide range of destinations on offer at Dortmund Airport: the current summer flight schedule offers 30 per cent more choice than in 2019, with 54 destinations now available. The most popular destinations in the second quarter were Katowice, Palma de Mallorca, Bucharest, Antalya and Sofia.

The peak travel season of the year began with the start of the summer holidays on 27 June 2022. Thanks to good preparation and the dedication of all involved, passenger volumes were well managed even on the busy days at the start of the holidays.