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Airbus A319

Easyjet a319
Aircraft type Airbus A319
Seats 142-150
Length 33,84 m
Wingspan 34,09
Height 11,76 m
Speed 830 km/h
Cabin crew 4
Weight 70 t
Plane a319 1
© Sascha Kamrau

On the occasion of the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, easyJet had an aircraft painted with his portrait.

Plane a319 2
© Sascha Kamrau

easyJet advertises its newly opened base in Hamburg with city's flag and coat of arms on one of its planes.

Plane a319 3
© Sascha Kamrau

easyJet supporting Unicef. To promote the cooperation between easyJet and the children's charity Unicef, the British low-cost airline had two of its aircraft painted with the slogan. During the flight, passengers have the opportunity to donate their change to Unicef. The fundraising campaign is called "Change for good".

Plane a319 4
© Sascha Kamrau

The Borussia Dortmund football team travelled on this Daimler Chrysler Aviation A319CJ (corporate jet with 48 seats) to the Champions League semi-final in Madrid in 2013.