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Boeing 737-400

B737 400 3
© Sascha Kamrau
Aircraft type Boeing 737-400
Seats 146 - 189
Length 36,40 m
Wingspan 28,88 m
Height 11,07 m
Speed 933 km/h
Cabin crew 4
Weight 68 t
B737 400 1
© Sascha Kamrau

In the summer of 2014, Hamburg Airlines used this Boeing 737-400 belonging to the Slovakian airline Air Explore in the livery of the Malaysian carrier Firefly.

B737 400 2
© Sascha Kamrau

Air Explore brought SSC Napoli fans to Dortmund for a Champions League game.

B737 400 3
© Sascha Kamrau

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand flies to a number of European airports in his Boeing 737-400 in order to build up his flying hours. He has already visited Dortmund twice.